While every speech or workshop Kristi delivers is tailored for that specific audience or organization, her main topics of focus usually fall into one of these three categories:

It’s no secret that building successful a business largely (if not solely) depends on one’s ability to build solid and successful relationships. Kristi’s unique approach to fun and easy networking strategies based on a person’s natural tendencies and dominant personality traits so that they can build authentic, value-based, long-lasting relationships is a breath of fresh air in the world of cookie-cutter networking by shmoozing, working the room, and canned elevator pitches. From her popular Networking for Ambiverts keynote to experiential half-day and full-day workshops, there is a myriad of ways for her to work with your group on improving their relationship-building skills.

The cornerstone of any great business is the ability to get the word out into the world about its products and services. What if we’re making this process WAY more complicated than it needs to be? Based on Kristi’s book BE: Brand Energy (available in the fall of 2019), the strategies outlined are perfect for the entrepreneur who is in the process of invention or reinvention, and wants to drastically shorten the timeline between “I have an idea for a business” and making money.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Toastmaster approach to storytelling. With Kristi’s background as a speechwriter and script doctoring specifically for other professional speakers seeking to improve their sales conversions from the stage, puts her in a unique position to share unorthodox tools for helping entrepreneurs craft their own out-of-the-box sales-minded presentations, pitches, and trainings for beginner and expert alike.