About Kristi

Kristi Govertsen, a marketing nerd who hails from Missoula, Montana.

For Kristi the unorthodox road to marketing nerdom first began as a college math instructor (which has a lot more to do with sales and marketing than one might think), eventually leading her into the cutthroat world of speechwriting and script doctoring to help other professional speakers improve their sales conversions from the stage. Finally embracing her true passion for entrepreneurism, Kristi now works in a multitude of capacities to empower other entrepreneurs tap into their own natural gifts and talents to create high-impact marketing platforms and expert positioning. As Kristi says, “You have everything you need, right now, to be successful right now.”

As a best-selling author, international speaker, and masterful teacher, Kristi believes the foundation to all success is a combination of creative communication, audacious action, authentic connection, and an ongoing practice of continual growth in our lives and businesses. 

NOTE: Fancy, professional sounding bio aside, there’s a *very* good chance that she’ll talk about how to road to success is filled with sock-monkeys, infomercials, and hot tubs.

Not necessarily in that order.