I Am My Own New Story

Speaking and workshop gigs. Coaching Clients. Fans and Followers. Books, books, and more books.  Oh yes, it was that time of year; time to look at my goals for 2013.  While assessing my goals, which, honestly, never seem to change that much from year to year, I decided to ask myself, “What’s the one thing I could do to create momentum around these goals?”  And then ask myself, “What’s stopping me from doing this one thing?”

The answer to the first question was obvious:  I could be more proactive in networking by creating and cultivating authentic relationships.

The answer to next question was actually even more obvious: I am horrible at networking.

Then I asked myself a question that I have trained myself to ask, but never before in this area of my life, “Can I be awesome at networking instead of horrible?”

My answer? “Umm…er…maybe? I guess… maybe not?”

I then had this sudden flashback to 13 years ago,  when I first moved to Portland, Oregon, and I had bought myself a plant to liven up the kitchen.  I am not sure what I was thinking, since I was a notorious serial killer of all things flora.  I had yet to successfully keep a plant alive longer than two weeks, and that included a hearty cactus that required almost nothing from me in area of survival.  However, here I was, faced with a plant in my kitchen, and more importantly faced with the question, “Did I want to be the person that kept killing my plants, or did I want to be a person who kept them alive?”  I wanted to be the later, and right then and there I adopted a new story for myself, which resulted in new behaviors, and even though there have been a few close calls that plant is still alive and thriving today.

As this flashback faded, I realized I could do the same thing with the story I had about being horrible at networking.  I could just decide to be awesome at it.  Now I’ve only been in my new story for two weeks, so it is unclear if I have attained that awesomeness I seek, however, in the last two weeks I have had nothing but a great time meeting new and wonderful people.  And those new and wonderful people are all putting themselves out there to achieve their own goals.  This in and of itself has been a huge boost of inspiration, and a great infusion of energy.  I truly look forward to continuing to live out my new story, and cannot wait to meet all amazing people are out there.

What story is stopping you from accomplishing your goals?  And can you adopt a new and immediate story that is more productive? Absolutely.  I have the plant to prove it…