Eight Days a Week

Whenever I start thinking about starting a new goal, one of the first places my mind goes is, “How am I ever going to do that? I don’t have the time!” One day I decided that this was silly. I have the same amount of time as everyone else on the planet, it is just how I choose to spend my time needed to be readjusted to fit in some new goals. I took a look at my day-to-day activities, and discovered that between time wasted due to disorganization, sitting in traffic, and other random activities that I neither cared about nor wished to be doing, I actually had four hours of extra time in my day! FOUR HOURS. With a little bit of attention to ensure that I could utilize this extra time, I was able to free up those four hours six days a week. That’s right, I had found 24 extra hours in my week. My seven day week, suddenly had an extra day embedded in it. An extra day a week results in 52 extra days a year. What would you do with 52 EXTRA DAYS?! Write the next great novel? Paint stunning pieces of artwork? Rebuild your dream car? Travel? Volunteer? Start a new business? Spend more time with your family? Workout? Read? Relax? The possibilities are endless.
Take a closer look at your life. Do you have projects that you could whittle away on while sitting at red traffic lights? Do you have activities in your life that eat up several hours a day, but are not really aligned with what you want out of life? Can you hire a housekeeping for a couple hours a week? Can you organize your life so you don’t spend a half-hour everyday looking for your keys? Can you share certain responsibilities with friends and family, so that all of you might find some extra time?
Reclaim your time, reclaim your life, and enjoy your eighth day of the week!