Let the Momentum Begin!

Welcome to my blog! This entry is going to be a rather short introduction to what kinds of topics to expect in future entries. The book, Grounded Optimism (GO): The Secret Formula for Creating Momentum, Finding the Meaning of Life, and Receiving Enlightenment from a Chocolate Chip Cookie, will be out later this year, and is all about achieving goals. This blog will definitely be diving into a variety of topics that are the foundation of the book– Creativity, Integrity, Enthusiasm, and Vision just to name a few. In addition to the topics in the book, this blog will be dedicated to any and all topics related to optimism, empowerment, and fully showing up in life. So here’s to the new beginning, and here’s to seeing all of you live out full, optimistic, and abundant lives!

  1. Friar_Tuck’s avatar

    How did you come up with the book? How did you get it published?

  2. Stew Martin’s avatar

    It’s great that this book is seeing the light of day … how can I get my personally autographed copy?